It’s been a rough year for us at Flamingo Rare Books. Due to the economy, it would appear that rare books are not on the top of everyone’s Must-Buy list. No matter. We, who have served you for these past twelve years, still believe that rare books still play an important role in this society. They offer a rare glimpse into the past that cannot be equalled – you are able to see the mind of the man or woman who wrote the piece, and through that, society reveals itself. And to look at the artifact itself, you can feel the age, the importance, the mortality of the page. The ink itself may be smudged, or broken, because books used to be unique and imperfect objects. It has been a pleasure to sell these fine books to you these past dozen years…but I am afraid we must close our doors. Thank you all for your patronage.

Our wares have been sold, if you are still interested, to our various former competitors here in Pittsburgh. As most of our wares are – were – very valuable, they will likely be books you must ask for at the desk rather than books that would be out on display. I sincerely hope that they manage to sell in the capable hands of other booksellers.

-Miranda Auspice